Nonprofit Organization Direct Mail Response Rates

Nonprofit Direct Mail Response Rate gets over 14%

Nonprofit organizations receive a 14.1% direct mail response rate from people that are 45 to 54 years old, reports the United States Postal Service. The key to any successful marketing campaign is knowing who to target. Understanding which demographic group responds to what marketing method will greatly increase marketing efforts. Because people that are aged 45-54 have the highest direct mail response rate of 14.1%, this makes them a much better target audience than younger generations that are easier to target on the internet.

According to Epsilon 73% of American consumers say they prefer being contacted via direct mail,because they can read it whenever they want. People today are overwhelmed with information, and want to read things that are important to them at their leisure. A Non-profit message can easily get lost in all the noise on the Internet for Generation Xers.

DMN’s direct mail marketing statistics indicate that postal mail is very effective in getting people to take action, like supporting a local fundraising event. Statistics show that Gen Xers are most likely to fundraise on behalf of a cause, make a pledge, and volunteer their time to an organization than other age groups.  Non-profit organizations can leverage this by using a highly targeted mailing list for implementing a direct mail campaign or by having their own in-house list processed by appending age ranges to their constituents.

The United States Postal Service states that the average American household receives 454 pieces of marketing mail per year. Only 92 nonprofit marketing pieces of mail land in the average mailbox every year. This breaks down to less than 2 pieces of direct mail a week from a nonprofit organization, which is very low competition. When you combine your direct mail piece with personalization, response rates can go even higher especially when you use data from past contributions made by regular supporters.

Using all these facts, a non-profit organization can implement a highly targeted direct mail campaign to solicit, donations, memberships and ticket sales. The Generation X population represents about 20% of the U.S. population. Approximately 50% of people in this age group are enrolled in a monthly giving program.They also give more frequently than other age groups.

Chicago Fulfillment Services can help you create a highly targeted personalized direct mail campaign. We provide mailing lists, data appending that can highly target the Generation X population. Leverage decades of experience to also gain the lowest postal rates for postcard or letter campaigns. There are many options available to provide your target market with the exact information they are looking for, which will increase your direct mail response rate.

Build Trust with Generation X through Transparency

Using an ongoing direct mail marketing campaign to solicit donations, gain members, and produce fundraiser ticket sales is highly effective for building trust through transparency. Half of Generation X respondents that were surveyed, plus 60% of Millennials, said that their decision to donate is greatly impacted on whether they can see their gift’s impact.

This market demand provides nonprofit organizations with the opportunity to showcase their work. Direct Marketing Brochures, Postcards and letters need to translate dollar amounts into tangible results. Provide proof, like photos on the postcard or brochure of the not for profit’s work being carried out on the ground. By providing this proof right up front, it will help you build trust and win over discerning donors.

Direct Mail Marketing to Gain Corporate Sponsorship is Essential

There are multiple benefits your not for profit organization can receive by seeking out corporate sponsorship. These corporations can be targeted for collaboration with fundraising events. There are many possibilities for fundraising events; like traditional ones that include walks, runs, and cycling, or get creative with your fundraising ideas.

Generation X donors are four to five times more likely to participate in corporately sponsored fundraisers than other age groups. Nonprofits can access a large number of employees plus their families and friends by collaborating with corporate sponsors.

According to the “Giving USA 2019” Annual Report, corporate giving totaled $20.05 billion in 2018. As companies and their employees increasingly seek to give back, nonprofit organizations can benefit from leveraging corporate contributions to increase revenue and forge long lasting win-win relationships.

When targeting companies for participation, focus on identifying a partner that aligns with your non-profit organization’s mission and values. An example are the companies that partner with Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to building and repairing houses for low income families. These companies focus on home repair, like Valpar a paint and coating manufacturer, and Lowe’s Home Improvement, plus many more.

There is a unique opportunity for non profits by partnering with a company for fundraising purposes. Many companies want to empower their employees to give back, however, their employers often struggle with effectively implementing a corporate giving campaign.

A nonprofit organization can make it easier for employers to administer a fundraiser, by providing the marketing assets for them. These can include photos from your fieldwork, Testimonials and experiences from beneficiaries and/or volunteers and participants, a personal message from the staff or board members, plus campaign hashtags to track social media engagement encouraging multi-channel engagement. This last tip alone can greatly increase participation in a fundraiser.

Some of the most effective corporate sponsorship fundraisers are when nonprofits partner with leading local businesses in their community. Benefits of this include the fact that the decision makers are much easier to reach than the ones in large corporations. Plus they are also geographically within your reach, making it easier to establish a relationship. Many of these local companies will more readily leverage the publicity and benefits a fundraising partnership can provide.

Chicago Fulfillment Services can provide Not for Profit mailers, with mailing service and mail list data services for appeals going to to highly targeted prospects. Personalization can be added to each not for profit mail piece, which has been proven to increase response rates. Whether your nonprofit needs help creating a highly targeted personalized direct mail marketing campaign from start to finish, or your organization just needs mailing lists, graphic design, or low mailing rates, Chicago fulfillment is here to provide support, just contact us to get your direct mail campaign started.




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