Not for profit Mailers

Direct Mail for a Non Profit Business

Non profit businesses need to save money on their expenses. Chicago Fulfillment Services helps Not for Profit Mailers by using sophisticated software to clean and update your direct mailing list. Once the mail list is ready for use we use ZIP+4, carrier route, barcoded/destination entry and other optimization tools to get you the lowest USPS postal rates.

Because goals are different for a non profit business than they are for profit businesses. Even though both those business models must generate revenue, a non profit company depends upon revenue from the acquisition of contributions and donations. Many non profit businesses utilize direct mail marketing campaigns like brochures for soliciting subscriptions, memberships, donations and contributions.

Chicago Fulfillment Services can help non profit companies with this appeal and acquisition of contributions and donations process, because we rely on sophisticated Technology that helps us create the one on one relationships between the non profit organization and their contributors. We also use marketing strategies that include integration of gift stream programs targeting current donors. Plus we can integrate the donor data into these marketing campaigns for your appeal of acquisition of contributions.

Because of Chicago Fulfillment Services advanced knowledge about direct mail marketing campaigns for non profit organizations, combined with the fact we have numerous not for profit business that we already help with USPS regulations, we can provide some of the lowest postal rates in the industry. We offer non profit organizations innovative technology, so you can solicit your constituents with mailing services that are easy to understand and use.

Contact Chicago Fulfillment Services for help creating and implementing your non profit direct mail marketing campaigns.


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