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Chicago Fulfillment Services

Chicago Fulfillment Services provides Order Fulfillment, Custom Kitting for Swag Kits, Welcome Kits, Direct Mail, and Digital Printing Services.

We are experts and can help your business build or create its brand through on-time execution and client satisfaction. In many situations, we can provide reduced shipping and postal rates available through our cutting-edge software and equipment.

Order Fulfillment, Custom Kitting, Direct Mail, and Digital Printing Services:

  • Order Fulfillment (including warehousing, pick pack, Amazon FBA and FBM, etc.)
  • 3PL logistics
  • Custom Kitting Services (Co-Packing) for Product kits, Swag Kits, and Welcome Kits
  • Direct Mail
  • Digital Printing

State of the Art Services

Our industry-leading processing and order fulfillment centers are located in the Chicago, IL, area.  The Chicago area is one of the best parts of the country to ship or mail products or packages from as its location is central. Our core expertise is in order fulfillment and custom kitting services, and all are backed up by our order and inventory management system. We make this web-based solution available to all of our clients and provide them access to all of their orders, customers, tracking, and inventory.

Our extensive knowledge in the direct mail industry allows us the ability to review and implement alternative types of shipping solutions, saving you money, including discounts for USPS, UPS & FedEx.

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