Mailing a First Class Postcard

First Class Post Card Specifications and Design

Use Chicago Fulfillment Services to obtain first class postcard postal rate discounts. You can save money on postal rates by following the USPS specifications when designing your direct mail advertising piece. There are a variety of different sizes of cards that can range from 4″ x 6″ to 5½” x 8½” or 6″ x 9” in size. The postage rates on these different size postcards can vary in price. Not all of them can be mailed using a first class postcard rate. Anything larger than 4¼” x 6” is not even considered a postcard, they are considered a letter and will cost more to mail.


Minimum: 5″ long, 3½” inches high, and 0.007″ thick.
Maximum: 6″ long, 4¼” high, and 0.016″ thick
Depending upon the density of your direct mail list, postage cost can range from a retail first class rate which is currently at $0.34 per postcard, to as low as $0.251 per postcard on postal presorted mailings of over 500 pieces.
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