Business & Sales letters

Business & Sales Letter Direct Mailing

Looking to generate more qualified leads? Want to get to the decision maker? Chicago Fulfillment Services specializes in printing and mailing personalized business and sales letters and providing mailing lists. We provide turnkey direct mailing solutions like sales and business letter bulk mailing, window envelopes with the barcode above the recipient’s name or closed face envelopes to match letter inserts with and without read-right equipment.

Business & Sales Letter Mailing

Benefit from your very own “Direct Mail Customer Service Expert” who will help you create a high quality business or sales letter direct mailing piece. We create Marketing mail that feels personal instead of looking like bulk mail advertising pieces. We can mail B2C mailings in a non-window or window envelopes using a live postage stamp, so your direct mail piece has a more personal feel plus increases the open rate. Standard stamps are available to use instead of first class stamps saving you money and providing a cost effective stamped mailing solution. For both B2C and B2B closed face envelope marketing mail, we place the barcode on the bottom right corner eliminating some postal endorsements that will be printed there if left blank or open giving your mail a clean and personal non automated feel.

Our state of the art digital printing software allows us to merge information from a mailing list database into the business or sales letter for personalization (variable print). We can also digitally print the signature in color creating a personal feel. These “Match Mailing” which is a process of inserting personalized letters that match the envelope with or without read write equipment can also include additional components into the envelope during the envelope stuffing process.

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Whatever size project you have, we provide decades of national industry leading printing and direct mail experience ensuring you a seamless advertising campaign. Whether you are a seasoned professional who utilizes direct mail or new and ready to get started with direct mailing business and sales letters, then contact Chicago Fulfillment Services today, because we offer affordable turnkey marketing solutions. We customize printing and mailing solutions for your needs, so call for your FREE quote.


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