Custom Kitting Services and Co-Packing

Custom Kitting Services, Fulfillment & Product Repair

Chicago Fulfillment Services is an industry leader providing Custom Kitting Services, co-packing, Kit creation, building and assembly services for subscription services, eCommerece companies and promotional product companies. We can create a custom kit for your  marketing offer or fulfillment project. Kitting or also known as co-packaging includes creation, kit building, and assembly of your products, samples, and literature. We also provide design and production services for sample and product packaging. Our turnkey kitting and fulfillment services provide you with one stop shopping. We utilize the best printers, corrugated box, and plastic companies in the industry to create and produce a customized kit box that will make a statement to your prospective clients.

Because there are so many different vendors involved in creating and producing a memorable kit, Chicago Fulfillment Services manages the entire project from start to finish. We will be the distribution hub that will receive your products, samples, and/or literature from vendors checking for quality while overseeing all phases of the kitting process. Just provide us with any special packing you want used so we can create your customized kit, then build and distribute them to your preferred destination.

Custom Kitting Services for Retailers

Large retailers such as Amazon, Costco, QVC, or Walmart often require packaged product quantities that differ from your standard packaging of products regularly sold through other channels. In order to sell your products to these retailers, those products need to be re-packaged, typically in larger quantities or with a specific variety of SKUs. Chicago Fulfillment Services has processes in place to help allow our clients to work with these great retailers. We are experienced and follow the protocols for packaging, labeling, and logistics, so these types of customers seamlessly receive products that follow their purchase orders.

Product Repair & Repackaging

If you receive imported goods that need repackaging, testing, or repairs Chicago Fulfillment Services is your best choice because of our extensive kitting experience. Let us save you time and labor by having our warehouse handle your kit and co-packaging hand assembly operations. Our warehouse can re-package your products or samples into smaller or larger quantity sized packages to meet any of your custom marketing kit needs. This is a sought after service for companies that receive overseas goods. Some products may be defective when they are received and need repair, which we can also handle for you. Most companies need these products right away and do not have the time or labor allocated to handle repackaging themselves, that is why they depend on Chicago Fulfillment Services to handle this in a timely manner. This can often save you months of production and overseas shipping time.

Real-Time Kitting Warehouse Management

Chicago Fulfillment Services provides a live order management page that is available to every client. This provides your customers, support staff, and internal sales team the ability to place orders using our online system. Plus all the activity tools and reports are accessible to your internal staff for review anytime. Inventory is in real-time, because our live order management system will automatically deduct any inventory used during kit assembly. Once the kit is created it will be placed into inventory, so you can always be on top of inventory levels knowing exactly what inventory stock you have.


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