Direct Mail Data Services

Data Services that Chicago Fulfillment Services Provides

Chicago Fulfillment Services can provide you with any type of direct mail data services required ensuring you receive the best postal rates. We scrub our mailing lists with USPS approved software to remove incorrect or unrecognizable addresses. This dedication results in the lowest overall mailing costs for your direct mail advertising campaigns. The USPS has authorized our postal qualification software to make sure we can accurately clean the mailing lists we provide.

Address Management

We update our postal mailing address tables quarterly to include all of the latest address changes. This process eliminates undeliverable addresses which will reduce your overall mailing costs. This allows your company to save money on postage. We do the cleaning work, postal qualifying, and processing of your direct mail advertising mailing lists. We utilize state of the art technology to provide you with fresh direct mail data, so your direct mail marketing pieces reach a targeted prospect and are not delivered to an old out of date address.

USPS Standardization

Reducing postage cost is a key factor in controlling direct mail marketing campaign budgets. To reduce postage cost effectively we make sure your direct mail list address records fall within the standards set by the United States Postal Service. This is accomplished by using CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certified software approved by the USPS. We analyze the data to repair recognizable addresses that are incorrect, then they are standardized to meet all the USPS specs. The next step is to append the data for proper ZIP+4 and carrier route codes, along with any other USPS required endorsements. Then we finally presort your direct mailing list which arranges all the addresses in a sequence that meets USPS regulations. After all of these checks are complete, image your mail piece with postal discounts and ensure deliverability.

NCOA Compliant Address List Changes

Your mailing list will be processed through the NCOA (National Change of Address) ensuring that your direct marketing mailing shows the most current up to date mailing address for that contact. This is imperative, because the national statistics show that approximately 20% of people in the United States move yearly! For that reason alone mailing lists must be processed through the NCOA (National Change of Address) USPS-approved data files before any direct marketing mailing pieces are mailed. The NCOA utilizes data that has been updated by the USPS weekly to identify the families, individuals, and businesses that have moved and are now at a different address. Chicago Fulfillment Services merges this new information into the mailing lists so we only provide good mailing records. This process is done so you will not waste money mailing to outdated addresses. We also provide the NCOA updates so you can incorporate them into your database to update your in house mailing list.

Mail Merge Purge

Chicago Fulfillment Services utilizes state of the art merge/purge software to conduct our merge/purge data services. These data services find duplicate addresses that a direct mail list may contain so you will not spend your mailing budget sending out 2 direct mail marketing pieces to the same address.

Mail merge/purge cleans your list, plus it can combine or merge multiple mailing lists. Then we will purge or remove duplicate names and addresses. These mail merge/purge data services provide address validation to assure your mailing list is clean and up to date. Not all merge/purge software handle these functions, so make sure to use Chicago Fulfillment Services for a true merge/purge on your list. Our cutting edge merge/purge software corrects and standardizes any incorrect or duplicate addresses that your direct mailing list may contain. Our reports will pinpoint exactly where the duplicate addresses appeared, plus show the ones that were eliminated. This is crucial for rented mailing lists that have a “net name” arrangement with the mailing list owner.

Media Conversion

Chicago Fulfillment Services receives and transmits your direct mailing list data over secure FTP sites while converting the data into the most common data formats. We can convert any file types like Fixed Field, Comma Delimited, ASCII, and commonly used databases or spreadsheets no matter where the data originated from. When complete we can email you this up to date clean mailing list, download your list, or place it on our secured FTP server.

Contact Chicago Fulfillment Services today for the highest quality data services in the industry. Don’t trust your mailing list to just anyone, because this can cost your company valuable marketing budget dollars.


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