Order Fulfillment Center Shipping Discounts

Order Fulfillment Shipping Discounts

Chicago Fulfillment Services can help you lower your shipping costs because of our specially negotiated rates. Major shipping companies like USPS, UPS, and FedEx factor in the size and the weight of a package to distinguish how much they will charge for shipping. We can often reduce your shipping and postal costs, because we analyze your products then provide packaging tips that may reduce your current shipping rates. Since we ship such a large quantity of packages daily, we are able to receive volume shipping discounts that we can pass along to you.

We have also established a long standing relationship with these shippers. Because of this relationship and our 25 plus years of shipping expertise, Chicago Fulfillment Services is able to obtain discounts for our clients that most other fulfillment companies do not know exist or unwilling to share. By sharing these special shipping discounts with you, we can help to reduce your shipping costs.

Some benefits you will receive from us:
• World class customer service
• Same day order processing
• Secure and temperature controlled warehousing
• Website integration
• Superior carrier shipper rates

Contact Chicago Fulfillment Services so we can provide you with shipping discounts to help lower your shipping costs.


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