Mailing Bulk Standard Letters and Brochures

Letter Mail Design and Specifications

Chicago Fulfillment Services works with you to help design your direct marketing mailing bulk letters and brochures (currently known as standard mail or marketing mail) according to the current postal specifications for rules for Direct Mail Letters. Even though we think of a letter as a folded piece of paper inserted into an envelope, the USPS does not view a letter the same way. The USPS standards distinguish a letter by the size, thickness or orientation of the mailing piece. This can be a postcard, brochure or self mailer, and the folded paper in an envelope that we all think of as a letter.

USPS specifications state letter dimensions cannot be smaller than 4¼” x 6” in size. A letter also cannot be larger than 6 1/8  x 11½” and ¼” thick. To be considered a letter the mailing piece must be rectangular in shape, and have parallel opposite sides with four square corners. Letter size, card type mailing pieces that are made of cardstock can have finished corners that do not exceed a radius of 1/8.”

Currently first class letter l postage  rates ranges from $0.55 per piece to as low as $.389 per piece. This postal discount depends on the density of your mailing list. To receive a lower postage rate per card than $0.55 per piece, you must be mailing a minimum of 500 postal presorted pieces per mailing. Standard mailing pieces have a postage cost that ranges from $.299 per piece to as low as $0.168 per piece, again depending upon the density of your mailing list. To receive these rates your mailing campaign must consist of a minimum of 200 postal presorted pieces.

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