Direct Mail Personalization & Addressing Services

Direct mail can be addressed in a variety of ways, with personalization being the most important factor to be considered. It is important to personalize direct bulk marketing mail pieces to increase their open rate. Marketing mailings that have been personalized make the recipient feel like the mailing piece was meant for them and not just another piece of bulk mail that everyone received. It does not matter what type the advertising piece you are mailing, personalization needs to be used when mailing postcards, envelopes, self-mailers or business & sales letters.

Chicago Fulfillment Services uses state of the art high speed inkjet and laser printers with capabilities of creating projects up to 8’ of rotatable print. TrueType fonts are available for creating a special message that will get your direct mail advertising pieces opened. Our high speed inkjet printing provides the most economical pricing for larger direct mail projects. Color can easily be used for taglines, or other areas that you want to stand out when personalizing your direct mail marketing piece. Because our inkjet printers have dryers for slick stock and inline tabbing, we have the ability to affix up to three tabs in a single pass.

If you need digital printing for high quality personalized black and white or full color imaging, then Chicago Fulfillment Services can provide you with the most cost effective printing solutions.

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