Avoid These 4 Customer Fulfillment Order Complaints

Four Fulfillment Order Complaints That Must Be Avoided

Four order fulfillment complaints currently being placed from consumers can easily be avoided with top-quality fulfillment services. Many companies actually create these problems because of the complexity of fulfillment when they try to handle it in-house or use services that do not offer sophisticated processing.

Product fulfillment has to be handled carefully in today’s high tech world, where customers can quickly go online voicing their opinions and complaints about your product or services. People are demanding higher quality on fulfillment of their orders. See how to improve your service level.

Late Shipments Top the Order Fulfillment Complaint List

Late shipments are at the top of the list of order fulfillment complaints, which could have been caused by various reasons. This major fulfillment complaint increases during any peak shipping season, like during the Christmas shipping season.

People are depending upon items arriving promptly. When they have to wait longer than anticipated, customers become anxious and develop a negative opinion. These negative opinions often result in lost future orders from these unsatisfied customers.

Consumers Often Complain About Improper Product Box Alignment Size

Another widespread complaint from consumers is the wrong product box alignment size. Today, it’s all about the opening experience!

When customers receive a small item in a  large box, they immediately feel the company is being wasteful or not paying attention. This instantly creates the perception that the company is also overcharging them for shipping because a smaller box would have cost less to ship.

Shipping Costs Increase Abandon Cart Rate

High shipping rates have been a big concern to consumers. Analytics has discovered shipping costs are probably one of the main reasons companies have such a high online abandon cart rate. When people get to the shipping price, they decide the product or service is not worth that additional cost.

At this point, many consumers research competitive products elsewhere and investigate those sellers for free shipping and better prices.

Return Options Are Also A Major Consumer Concern Finally, returns with many fulfillment companies have become an endless loop of hoops the customer must jump through. If there is not a straightforward guarantee with an easy return, this can often negatively affect sales.

Consumers today have complicated lives and do not want a lot of red tape with returns. If there is no clear return policy with simple terms, consumers will often search for a competitor that provides the product with a more painless return process.

Chicago Fulfillment Services Provides Customized Fulfillment Services

Here at ChicagoFulfillmentServices.com, we put your customers first by creating a seamless, positive unboxing experience that starts the moment we receive the order. Timely order fulfillment combined with the proper box size for the items ordered plus some of the industry’s lowest shipping rates are benefits we can provide your company.

New Client Acquisition Is Your Highest Advertising Cost

New customer acquisition is the most expensive part of the client life cycle. Pleasing clients by creating a positive first impression is imperative in lowering the client attrition rate.

These are simple steps for Chicago Fulfillment Services because of our decades of experience in the direct marketing and order fulfillment business in Chicago. We pair direct marketing with product fulfillment for a turnkey service that will allow your company to focus on its specialty. Renting a warehouse, hiring employees, stocking shipping supplies, and processing orders are all tasks that can easily be outsourced to a direct mail fulfillment company to lower your current overhead and increase the efficiency of your fulfillment services.

The WOW Factor & Unboxing Can Create Brand Ambassadors

With direct marketing that is harmonious from the first contact with your prospect through the unboxing of their order, your client will have the perception of an extremely organized, efficient company even if you’re just a one-person or small business.

Customers today are looking for the WOW factor from unboxing the product. The companies that provide this WOW factor will experience repeat and referral business.

This strategy can create a solid foundation for consistent growth. These customers will become your brand ambassadors, spreading the word about your products and services within their sphere of influence. This can be substantial with today’s technological reach far outside a person’s local geographical area.

People will spread bad news about your company much quicker than they will spread the good news, so make sure you are creating good experiences to be shared. Companies that take the extra steps in their direct marketing and order fulfillment will be the companies that will prosper. They will create brand ambassadors that will grow into an army of consumers spreading the word about their products and services.

Direct Marketing & Order Fulfillment Evaluation

Contact Chicago Fulfillment Services for a free evaluation on how we can help you with your direct marketing and product fulfillment. This highly technical market has created a plethora of opportunities for small businesses. However, it has also created fulfillment and marketing issues beyond the skill set and resources of the smaller business.

Chicago Fulfillment Services can provide the resources and experience to uplevel your company’s direct mail marketing and order fulfillment, putting it on an even playing field with the larger companies. We can help your company easily avoid the 4 Order Fulfillment Complaints.




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