Direct Mail Marketing in 2021.

Direct Mail Marketing 2021.

Direct mail is not old-fashioned, nor is it old school, according to Forbes. Forbes discusses direct mail outperforming digital marketing and why several tech giants use direct mail too. They discuss how using triggers such as sending direct mail to new movers into neighborhoods, thank you, or re-reactivation mail, as well as personalization, can have a substantially positive impact.

Digital marketing is enormous, but for some, it’s impossible to read published content or information without being barraged with advertising. Who could focus on all these digital messages when they’re coming to you at 100 miles an hour.  On the other hand, direct mail has an open rate as high as 90% compared to an open rate of 10–20% for email and provides enough time to review the advertisement at your leisure. The United States Postal Service reports that physical mail stands out in today’s marketing world.

  • That 77% of consumers check their mailbox at least five days a week.
  • 56% of consumers tried new businesses as a result of receiving a direct mail piece
  • 50% of consumers have tried a new product/service/establishment in the past 6 months after receiving ad mail.
  • Consumers spend an average of 4.1 minutes sorting and 7.4 minutes reading & opening their mail

Direct mail works for Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers. All of these 3 groups spend time sorting through and reading their direct mail advertisements each day.

Although direct mail volume has decreased over the years due to online account statements and bill payments, advertising response rates have exploded with an increase of over 150% for both customer and prospect lists. The main reason is mailboxes receive less mail today due to online communications and allows people to focus on the limited amount of direct mail in today’s marketplace. Direct mail advertising pieces remain in the household for more than a week and are viewed multiple times by family members. You can’t say that about emails that clog up your inbox.

Direct mail works! It’s Important to use a clean, quality mailing list with high-end printing of attractive postcards, letters, or brochures. Personalization matters! And good offers and illustrations help induce traffic from interested buyers of your products or services.

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