Direct Mail Open Rate.

Open Rate for Direct Mail vs. Digital Marketing.

Open Rate for Direct mail is the clear winner. Read the content below if you have any doubts. If you need a great Direct Mail Center in Chicago, Let us know how Chicago Fulfillment Services can help.

According to the United States Small Business Administration (SBA), Direct mail is hot again.

According to the SBA, younger consumers do not view direct mail as junk mail and instead believe that email is junk mail. They go on to state:

  • Direct mail can be more effective.
  • Direct mail stands out.
  • Direct mail is more shareable.
  • Direct mail has a longer lifespan.

You can read more information from this SBA article called direct mail is hot again. Here’s how to use it.

According to smallbizgenius, a well-known up-to-date statistics firm with insights into a multitude of industries and digital services states:

  • Up to 42% of direct mail recipients read or scan the mail they receive in their mailboxes each day.
  • Mailing piece recipients purchase and spend 28% more money than people who don’t receive those items advertised using direct mail.
  • Most American consumers say they prefer being contacted by brands and services by direct mail as they could read the promotion whenever they want.

The praise goes on and on. Gallup says 41% of Americans of all ages look forward to checking their mailbox each day.

The USPS indicates that the average household receives only 454 pieces of regular marketing mail per year. You cannot say that about email. People with several email mailboxes could get that amount of emails each day.

You could read more of smallbusinessgenius statistics regarding direct mail and its effectiveness in their blog about direct mail statistics.

Sendoso, a talented relationship response management firm, states response rates resulting from direct mail are more than 30 times the response rate compared to email marketing. They also have information regarding direct mail marketing versus digital marketing and why some companies should use direct mail marketing. Does your company fit those parameters?.

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