Subscription Box Distribution

Selling to E-Commerce Customers.

One of the best ways to sell your products to your customers over the Internet is to create a subscription box service for your goods. The subscription box business is enormous and reaches across many industries: cosmetics, health foods, supplements, men’s grooming, and much more.

Think about it, after you sell your products to a new customer, what will make that new customer continue to come back regularly. That’s right, a monthly supply of like products to try out and order regularly.

Subscription Boxes Distribution.

Although creating monthly subscription kits is challenging, it will help build your brand big time! One of the largest challenges is branded packaging. However, it’s worth it because your products appear to be specifically selected for your customer and have your brand on the packaging. Is it expensive to create custom packaging? The answer is yes, but once you have your packaging created, you can use the tooling over and over again.

Another challenge is partnering with a fulfillment center to create your subscription kit and ship that box full of products to your customer. Chicago fulfillment services can help you receive, make or build your subscription kit and ship that customer order with our world-class order fulfillment service.

Once you have identified customers that become a part of your subscription business, you can solicit them with email and direct mail, offering them new subscription packages created throughout the year.

The business model of converting existing customers to monthly business can be challenging. Still, subscription box offers can keep your customers coming back while building brand loyalty if you sell the right type of products.

Things to consider when launching a subscription box service:

  • Create a group of products that your customers are most interested in and create a few versions that meet your customers buying patterns.
  • Create a branded subscription box that has the wow factor when opening.
  • Make sure the subscription box is priced right.
  • Use direct mail or email to contact your current customers with a special offer.
  • Contract with a fulfillment center that has experience in both building and shipping subscription boxes.
  • Make sure you understand the shipping costs involved. Some subscription box companies offer free shipping.

Please feel free to contact us for your subscription box fulfillment needs.