Holiday Shipping Deadlines UPS FedEx Amazon USPS

Recommended deadlines to ship or mail packages for the 2021 holiday season.

If you are an online retailer or business organization that needs to ship or mail items or packages during the holiday season, you need to get ahead of the curve, so your packages ship to your customers in time.

All the major shipping carriers, including UPS, FedEx, and USPS, are entering the busiest shipping time of their year and have posted deadlines you need to know. The same goes for sellers on Amazon. Amazon Central has an excellent article for “How to Prepare for the Holiday Season.

It’s not too late, but if you need kitting or co-packing of items to be delivered to your customers at discounted shipping rates, now is the time to get this completed.

Fast company, an online publication, discusses these recommended deadlines set forth by the major carriers for packages to be delivered before the 2021 holiday season.

USPS goes as far as to provide recommended deadlines for the various USPS service levels they provide.

The Chicago area is an excellent geographical location to ship your packages. Chicago Fulfillment Services can help get the job done through its automated fulfillment center for your Christmas holiday packages and beyond.

Call or email us now for a quotation for Kitting, Co-packing, or Fulfillment Service projects for this holiday season or any time during the year.

We offer excellent on-time product or literature fulfillment services at discounted shipping rates.

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