Social Selling and Fulfilling Orders

Social Selling and Fulfilling Orders.

Social Selling of products and fulfilling orders is challenging. First, you must understand how people currently find your brand and purchase your products. You also need to have an optimized online store to complete the sale. The marketplace has drastically changed. Social Media is the new giant getting customers to your business to spend money. Companies must create marketing and Fulfillment center distribution strategies that work for all types of buyers.

Your Customers are Using Social Media to Find Products and Services

If you are not using social channels to sell your product, you may be losing out. Businesses who understand the importance of social media to relay their brand message know they are not the only ‘game’ in town. We all have competitors! Brands must tell a story about why their business and products are different. Consumers make buying decisions from peers and brand content seen on social media channels in today’s marketplace (see below).

Statia published an article with a 2019 survey of online consumers in the United States that showed 72% of consumers had used a social media channel to discover new products. In comparison, 36% of U.S. online consumers had also purchased something directly on a social channel in the last year, and it’s growing.

According to Stackla, 66% of consumers were inspired to purchase from a new brand after seeing social media images from other consumers. Stackla reported that consumers are 71% more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals.

How do customers determine to buy from my brand

A popular way for consumers to find product information is on TikTok through video content. From there, the consumer goes to their Twitter feed for peer information and reviews. Consumers typically check out the company on Instagram. They are usually followed by a Google search for scam alerts and negative reviews. Finally, the consumer visits the brand’s website for detailed product and brand value information (especially video format). After the consumer does their homework and verifies it’s a legit product, the purchase is made.

Those are a lot of bases to cover here. Now you see why putting the technical and mundane tasks in the hands of expert Social marketers is beneficial. Today, companies deal with a much better-educated consumer that demands a particular marketing style, purchasing opportunities, and order fulfillment.

Businesses need to adopt a high-value consumer-first policy with excellent customer service, quick follow-up, and follow-through on all customer orders. Companies that do this well are the companies that will end up on top with today’s consumers. This is best done when each task is put in the hands of experts and by using an online shopping platform that integrates with an Order Fulfillment Service

How Does a Company Use Social Media to Drive Sales?