Kitting & Bundling

What is Kitting and fulfillment?

We all remember cereal variety packs. It allowed us to try bunches of breakfast cereals sold by the same brand. But what variety packs really did was allow consumers to pick their favorites for their next visit to the grocery store. Kitting is a process of assembling or bundling various related products for sale in the same box to increase revenue. The retail side involves a strategy and technique that top companies use to sell more goods, which can be applied across any product line with different offerings. For example, food products with pineapple, blueberry, cherry flavors, or hot, mild, or regular spices. Nail polish in different colors. Shampoos paired with conditions and hair gel. Supplements with different properties or uses. It’s beneficial not only for sellers but also for customers who want to try a variety of products and are looking for a better deal

Kitting Benefits

The key benefit of bundled kits is retaining customers and not losing them. When a  first-time customer purchases a product kit containing several products in your product line, and after trying all the products in the product kit, they found they really liked 2 of the 3 products in the custom kitted box. The chances are that customers will return to your storefront and purchase either or both of the 2 products they tried and liked. They should remain customers who buy larger quantities in the future since they have already made a purchase and have identified what works; for them.

Kitting Strategies

Kitting strategies are simple. The only thing that takes some thought is selecting the products within the same product group or that work well together. Selections can be made based on product use, theme, sizes, properties, colors or shared qualities that the group has in common; it’s also possible if your company produces items with similar but not identical features. You’ll need to create a new SKU for your new kitted product within your shopping cart specifically for this purpose. However, once assembled, these kits represent one unique offer, so managing inventory becomes easy if you use a fulfillment center with a sound order inventory management system.

Kit Packaging

Typically, successful sellers of variety packs or kits use existing SKUs from inventory to create this new variety kit. Companies that provide their customer with a great opening experience need to add some thought to creating a unique and appealing package that will enhance the entire purchase experience. Successful e-commerce businesses and social sellers need a fulfillment center specializing in fulfilling orders and a department dedicated to creating and building product kits.

Fulfillment and Warehousing

OK, you’re sold! Creating offers in the form of kitting various products appears to be a great way to expand your brand and build customer loyalty. That’s what it is all about today: customer loyalty and brand building. Even so, a key to successfully managing your business is to partner with a fulfillment center with great customer service and technology to help you keep your finger on the pulse of your distribution activity and maintain happy customers. In addition, these order fulfillment centers need to use great inventory management systems to seamlessly connect and integrate with your shopping cart and keep track of not only products but sales of the products, including shipping information. Utilizing an industry professional like Chicago Fulfillment Services, which specializes in all facets of kitting and product fulfillment, will do just that. We are only a phone call away from answering any of your questions. Call us at 773-657-9400 or fill out our contact form for more information.






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