Print Promo Kitting

Printed Promotional Product Kitting is not upselling. It’s smart Business.

It’s confirmed! We have been discussing how promotional product kitting increases sales for your promotional products business by offering more services.

In the printed promotions and ad specialties world, there’s a bit of a misunderstanding about what a distributor does for their customers. “Upselling” is really just helping both parties add value by suggesting additional products or services that complement the initial purchase; promotional product distributors are able to provide more value to the customer while also increasing their own bottom line.

Now a leading Promotional Product magazine Print Promo Marketing Magazine, confirms one of the best ways to create a complete branding experience is to offer your clients multiple products in the form of a kit. In fact, they indicate that “kitting remains all the rage,” and giving your customers the option to create a whole branding experience with their logo on multiple products makes a big difference.

This Print Promo Marketing Magazine article is a must-read!

Promotional Product Branding

Promotional products are a great way to get your clients’ brand building and gain customer loyalty. But how do you go about creating these opportunities and distributing promotional products? First, distributors can offer their clients custom-branded packaging. With custom packaging, you can have both your logo and illustrations printed on the box, making it easy to identify your brands. And, if you’re shipping in bulk quantities, you can easily label each box with your client’s name and address. Custom packaging makes it easy to distribute promotional products and ensures that your client’s brand gets the exposure it deserves. Learn how promotional products impress the people who receive them. Just review our blog about this published research.

Learn how to create and distribute your customer’s promotional branded products using custom packaging complete with logos and illustrations. These beautiful kitted items can be quickly shipped to individuals or in bulk per your client’s direction.

At Chicago Fulfillment Services, we believe that offering a distribution model for both kits and storefronts can really be a game changer. We have the experience and technology to help you make the most of this opportunity, and we’re confident that you’ll be impressed with the results.

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