Targeted Mailing Lists

Targeted Mailing Lists

Do you have your offer and design ready for marketing? All you need now is a targeted audience to present it to? Mailing lists are among the three essentials when implementing a successful direct mail marketing campaign. Chicago Fulfillment Services is an industry leading reseller of B2B and B2C mailing lists that are offered at very competitive prices.

We can build you a targeted mailing list for marketing to prospective clients. Our consumer mailing lists can be created by targeting your ideal clients age, gender, income, head of household, geographical location, and more. Business mailing lists can be built by targeting SIC codes, geographical location, company sales volume, number of employees, and more. These lists will provide you with the key contact information, plus additional data that can improve your marketing campaigns.

An up to date mailing list is an essential part of a successful direct mail marketing campaign. Chicago Fulfillment Services uses highly rated data compilers to provide competitively priced mailing lists This allows you the peace of mind that you are sending out direct mail advertising pieces to current consumers and business contacts.

B2C Targeted Mailing Lists

Chicago Fulfillment Services uses the highest quality credible sources to aggregate data for our premium U.S. consumer direct mail lists. This assures that we provide you with an accurate up to date consumer bulk mailing list. The U.S. consumer mailing file consists of approximately 200 million records, with more than 120 million households. This file contains over 175 data points that include all the basic targeting demographics like age, gender, income, length of residence, homeowner status, plus the age and gender of children in the household. Additional information that is specific to the individual can also be included in your targeted mailing list, like their ethnicity, mortgage information, buying habits, religion, and more. This consumer data is accurate because it is completely recompiled every month being available for use on the 15th.

The compile this information is cleaned and purged twice for accuracy. Our compilers clean the B2C mailing list when they begin the process which creates a better merge/purge match rate. Then they clean and purge it again prior to the data being available so we can provide you with the most current up to date marketing mailing list. Chicago Fulfillment Services uses a combination of data hygiene techniques that include DPV, DSF, NCOA, LACS, as well as suppression against the Deceased File, the DMA Pander File, plus the Prison File. This process of cleaning and purging assures an excellent deliverability rate

B2B Targeted Mailing Lists

B2B premium mailing lists are compiled using data from one of the largest U.S. mailing list compilers. This data originates from annual reports, more than 5,000 phone book listings, SEC and 10K filings, the county courthouse filings, secretary of state data, along with other credible business directories This business information is manually hand entered, then the data is phone verified with more than 20 million phone calls being made to check this data for accuracy and reliability. These direct contact phone calls provide us with additional information like the primary SIC codes, number of employees, and key company contacts. Tens of thousands of new businesses are added every week using new business registrations, combined with new utility accounts that have been recently created. Then all of these records are matched and updated from ZIP+4 data, the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) data, plus the Delivery Sequence file which ensures that the addresses are standardized and accurate.

Contact Chicago Fulfillment Services today to get your up to date targeted direct mail list, so you can begin a direct mailing campaign.