Direct mail Tips

Mail Tips for Printing & Direct Mail Cost Savings

Choosing a Mailing Service is a big step. Do they provide Postage Discounts? Do they offer fast turnaround? Do Offer Printing? What are their capabilities?

Some mail tips that will help you create successful printing projects, plus direct mail marketing campaigns. Printing and direct mail marketing often go hand in hand. There needs to be a printed piece that will ultimately be mailed in the direct mail marketing campaign. Then it will need mailing. So we have provided you with some mail tips to help streamline this process.

Printing and direct mailing are two distinctive projects. When combined they can become a direct mail marketing campaign. This is why it is beneficial to use Chicago Fulfillment Services, because we manage the entire direct mail marketing campaign from start to finish. If you have an idea, we can use your design and artwork or help with the design and put it into print. Then also get it delivered via the USPS to your prospective customers.

Chicago Fulfillment Services provides competitive cost, highest quality printed material, plus some of the best postal rates in the industry. These are some main reasons why many businesses have switched to our printing and mailing services. Cutting their in house labor or service provider cost saving both time and money. Plus our low postal rates, saves money too. This is a winning combination when implementing a direct mail marketing campaign..

Printed material can be anything from a business card, flyer, postcard, brochure, catalog, report, folded paper inserted into an envelope, or any number of different things. Signs, banners, table top tents for tradeshows and conventions, hang tags for products, door hangers for neighborhood saturation campaigns, and more.

Chicago Fulfillment Services will leverage our years of experience, plus industry relationships and connections to obtain the  low postal rates for direct mailing campaigns. This step is crucial for huge marketing budget savings. Follow these mail tips for a successful, affordable direct mail marketing campaign.

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