Fulfillment warehousing Tips

Warehousing and Fulfillment Tips to Save you Money and Time

Choosing a Fulfillment Warehouse is a big step. Do they provide shipping discounts. Do they offer fast turnaround. Do they safeguard your product. What type of technology do they use. Can they integrate with your website or shopping cart.

Storing, pulling the order, packing the box for shipment, preparing the box for shipment, then actually shipping the box can all be time consuming and tedious tasks. It is often a much more cost effective solution to use a 3rd party warehousing and fulfillment solution.

Warehousing products can often become a headache, because of space requirements and preforming a physical  inventory. Then there is  packaging, packing plus the shipping logistics. There are often many other factors that cause stocking, storing, and fulfilling your own products to become a nightmare.

Chicago Fulfillment Services can help streamline this process by handling it from start to finish. Your customer will never even know their order did not originate from you. They will think you shipped them their order.

Our warehousing solutions seamlessly integrate with all the major online website platform integrations for real time order control right from your web store. This is an important feature, because you can always know what your inventory levels are and customer activity. How many orders are in the processing phase, shipped phase, and more. There is a full suite of reports that you can access anytime, to provide you with the data necessary to make quick purchasing decisions.

The industry relationships we have built and years of warehousing and fulfillment experience allows us incredibly competitive shipping rates on both materials and packaging. We can supply all packaging needs. Plus pass  savings along, to provide you with high quality fulfillment services and low shipping rates.

Creation and design of special bundle products can also be done for you. Chicago Fulfillment Services specializes in kitting and co-packaging to help with assembly costs. We can place samples, marketing material inserts, and use unique specially printed packaging to increase your customers unboxing experience. This can increase sales, brand awareness, and customer loyalty.

At Chicago Fulfillment Services we think outside the box, and print customized packaging, kitting, and co-packing materials. In today’s busy world, providing a “WOW!” factor for your customer during their order unboxing experience can increase the Lifetime Value and longevity of the customer. This often also results in referral business from these loyal customers.

Customize your bags, packing paper, insert marketing materials, samples, even the box your products are packed in. All of these materials can be branded and/or custom printed. Grab your customers and your prospects attention right from the start. Then intrigue them every step of the way during the unboxing experience. Whether it is custom printed packaging, or colorful inserts with discount offers, showcasing new products or services, samples, any and all of these can invoke a feeling that results in brand loyalty. Have one of our design team members answer all your questions. Then they will guide you step by step through the entire process, saving you      time and money. Chicago Fulfillment Services will handle all your product warehousing and fulfillment needs. Relieving your fulfillment stress, allowing you time to focus on more important tasks.

Chicago Fulfillment Services also provides end to end services to help you with successful marketing campaigns.


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