Kitting-Co-Packing  presentation Tips

Kitting and Co-Packaging Tips to Increase the Unboxing Experience

Choosing a Kitting or Co-Packing Service is a big step. Do they provide Shipping Discounts? Do they provide Quick turnaround? Is your produc Safe? Do they offer Volume Discounts? Do they provide Sampling? Do the Offer Subcrition Box Services?

Kitting and Co-packing are provided by Chicago Fulfillment Services. These services can save in house assembly and create product promotions on the fly saving both time and money. We can handle all phases of kitting, or just certain steps you do not want to handle in house or at the manufacturer.

Often our clients sell a product that is not received in the quantity or with the right products for final sale. We can receive these larger shipments for you. Then we can repack these orders in the size box and quantity of your final sale item. This will streamline the order fulfillment process.

We can also take multiple products, samples, or marketing materials and build an entire item, offer or kit  using these individual items. Everything will be packed exactly to your specific instructions. We can make special kits, bundles, anything you want packaged. This saves you  time and money because we handle the entire kitting and co-packing process for you.

Our printing services can provide you with options for customized packing materials. Paying attention to these details are noticed by the customer, and in today’s customer service lacking world it can make a big difference.

When your customer opens their order box, you want them to experience the WOW factor. This will build brand ambassadors, influencers and loyal customers, that can result in free advertising for your business. Often times these brand ambassadors can provide your business with more customers than any paid advertising can. That is why this often neglected and overlooked step in design, is really one of the most crucial pieces of the sales process puzzle to focus on.

Chicago Fulfillment Services is an end to end provider, and can handle this entire process from start to finish. Let our expert design specialists assist you in designing a package and to make it a reality. Once we have a design, all the printing options will be covered so you can make an informed decision. Everything from the marketing material, to stock or custom printed paper the product is wrapped in for shipment.

Custom kitting and co-packing services can save your business time and money. Plus we specialize in these services, so often quality control is increased because we handle these services every single day for small to very large clients. No job is too small or too large for Chicago Fulfillment Services.

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